Warehousing – Forklift Trucks

Forklift trucks are ideal for moving loads that are far too large and heavy to be moved by a single person and will help reduce man hours in your place of business. The modern forklift truck was developed in the 1920’s, since then the technology has come on in leaps and bounds and has adapted to the modern day working environment. For example many now have rear wheel steering to allow manoeuvring in tight corners.

Fork lift trucks come in a full and varied range of sizes, designs and load capacities. This is why it is essential to know what type of activities that you are going to conduct with you fork lift truck. A forklift is an indispensible piece of equipment in manufacturing and warehouse industries. Most typical fork lift trucks can carry between one and five tons, however, there are higher duty forklift trucks that can carry anything up to 50 tons, and these are generally used to lift shipping containers on and off boats.

Many of the newer forklift trucks require some skill and knowledge to use them, however, full training is available if you are new to business and wish to start using a forklift truck or to develop your forklift driving skills. Forklift trucks now have a full catalogue of accessories available to make use of them easier and adapt to specific environments. Forklift Truck Source also hosts a full list of suppliers that can provide accessories.

Forklifts – Electric Forklift Truck – Diesel Forklift Trucks

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Forklift Trucks Source is here to help you with all you forklift needs. We can provide you with companies that will be able to offer you all forklift products, including electric forklift trucks, diesel forklift trucks, gas forklift trucks and forklift truck accessories.

Electric forklift trucks are highly economical and reliable. These types of forklifts are excellent for inside use as there are no exhaust fumes. Worrying about the noise produced by forklifts are a thing of the past with electric fork lifts due to excellent noise reduction technology. They operate via a robust traction battery with a long life before needing to be recharged. Generally an 8 hour shift can be completed with one battery, the battery can then be left to charge overnight, ready to use again the next morning.

Diesel forklift trucks are very powerful and rugged; they can be used in even the harshest of environments without a fault in performance. The performance level is suitable for those looking to meet modern heavy duty business demands.

Gas Forklift Truck – Forklift Truck Accessories

Gas forklift trucks are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use; it offers a pleasing alternative to the diesel forklift truck. Gas forklifts provide torque and power but with minimal emissions and excellent fuel economy. This type of forklift gives the user a consistent performance with very low maintenance.

Due to the ever changing work demands expected of forklifts, there is now a whole range of forklift truck accessories available that can help in the work place. Slide shifters, rotators, a fork positioner, pole attachments, man baskets and telescopic forks are all examples of forklift truck accessories that companies found on Forklift Trucks Source can supply.